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In this episode of the Latin American Perspectives podcast Alexander Scott, Outreach Coordinator for Latin American Perspectives, discusses the origin, themes of the May 2019 issue, "Israel, Palestine, and Latin America: Conflictual Relationships," with guest co-editor Pablo Pozzi.

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We talk with Thomas Gregory about his article “Dangerous Feelings: Checkpoints and the Perception of Hostile Intent” in which he examines the spate of Iraqi civilians killed at Coalition checkpoints between 2006 and 2007 and draws our attention to the role of affect and pre-existing assumptions about the danger posed by certain bodies in the decision to use lethal force.  Hosted by Antoine Bousquet.

In this panel discussion, J. Edwin Benton and Susan Gooden discuss social equity with city and county administrators Bert Lumbreras (Assistant City Manager in Austin, TX), Karen Rahn (director of the Human Services Department in Boulder, CO), Carl Harness (Chief Human Services Administrator in Hillsborough County, FL), and Daryl Delabbio (County Administrator and Comptroller in Kent County, MI).

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In case you missed it: in this panel discussion at ASPA 2017, moderated by John Kincaid and introduced by SLGR Editor Michael J. Scicchitano, J. Edwin Benton, Timothy J. Conlan, Justin Marlowe, and Michael Pagano discuss their work prior to the special issue of SLGR, The "Shifting" Sands of American IGR in an Era of Flux and Uncertainty: What's Happening and What to Expect.

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