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LAP podcast host Alex Scott speaks with LAP editors Janet M. Conway and Nathalie Lebon  to discuss "popular feminism" and the diverse forms of gendered agency appearing among Latin America’s poor, working-class and racialized communities, and their relation to the politics of feminism and to the broader left in the region.  Among the many topics covered, Conway and Lebon address the question of subaltern subjectivities and the building of collective agency, and examine "popular feminism" as concept. For additional information about popular feminism, the World March for Women and the Grassroots Global Justice alliance please visit: and

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For this episode LAP coordinator Alex Scott interviewed LAP contributing editors Kepa Artaraz and Melania Calestan to discuss their May 2021 issue "Vivir bien/Buen vivir and Post-Neoliberal Development Paths in Latin America: Scope, Strategies, and the Realities of Implementation."

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For this episode LAP coordinator Alex Scott met with LAP associate managing editor Steve Ellner to discuss his edited book titled Latin America’s Pink Tide: Breakthroughs and Shortcomings, recent events in progressive politics in Latin America and the current state of the pink tide

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In this episode, we talk to Natalie Koch about her recent article on the food embargo imposed on Qatar by its regional neighbours in 2017 and the wider geopolitics of food it exemplifies. We discuss the long-standing persistence of the idea of “food as a weapon”, the entanglement of food security with discourses on territorial sovereignty, nationalism and geography, and the use of mixed methods to investigate complex empirical terrains. Hosted by Antoine Bousquet.

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We talk to James Der Derian and Alex Wendt, editors of the Special Issue on Quantizing International Relations. They explain the motivation for their recent collaboration and why they believe International Relations still needs to grapple with the implications of quantum science, both at the level of social theory and the ramifications of resulting technological breakthroughs. We also discuss the origins of their long-standing interests in quantum theory, situating the latest work within their wider scholarly trajectories. Hosted by Antoine Bousquet.

Guest host Michael Richardson speaks to the editors of the Special Issue on Becoming War (Vol. 51, No. 2-3). Drawing on their introductory article and all the contributions to the special issue, Antoine Bousquet, Jairus Grove, and Nisha Shah explain why they believe a new approach to the study of war is required today. The discussion explores the main philosophical principles and methodological dispositions behind their advocacy of a “martial empiricism” and its focus on the domains of war that are mobilisation, design and encounter.

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In this episode of the Latin American Perspectives podcast, Alexander Scott, Outreach Coordinator for Latin American Perspectives, Inc., discusses the January 2021 issue, "Violence, Capital Accumulation, and Resistance in Contemporary Latin America" with Guest Editors Andrew R. Smolski and Matthew Lorenzen.

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